Lipodrene® Elite … Powered With Coca Leaves!

The Crown Jewel in the Weight-Loss Arena

The leaves of the coca plant contain several unique and key alkaloids that have been researched for years. These leaves have been chewed and consumed as tea for thousands of years in the high Andes. Traditional medical uses of coca are foremost as a stimulant to overcome fatigue, hunger and thirst. In Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, indigenous people chew coca leaves for energy to work all day long without eating. The stimulant effects of coca leaves have been used for centuries. They are rich in many essential nutrients, and scientific studies have confirmed that in their natural form, the leaves are completely safe and non-addictive.

New and Novel Way to Lose Weight

After years of leading the weight-loss industry with their original, hardcore and extreme formulas, a new and novel direction has arrived. Now, an entirely novel way to lose weight is here with Lipodrene® Elite. As with Elite’s predecessors, you still get the DMAA, caffeine and other ingredients you love, but Lipodrene® Elite is powered by coca leave extract! Lipodrene® Elite scientists believe from their pilot studies that coca leaves are extremely synergistic with DMAA, caffeine and our proprietary phenylethylamine alkaloids.

Coca alkaloids are unique in that they can cause the release of brain chemicals like norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. Serotonin is known for its ability to act as an appetite suppressant and to elevate your mood. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers, and regulates movement and emotional responses— one of which is the brain using dopamine to tell the body when to stop eating. Research has shown that many people who are dieting, or are in a calorie deficit through reduced food intake, have a norepinephrine deficiency in the brain. Simply stated, these people are always hungry and never feel full. They crave starchy foods, are often depressed, feel exhausted and have attention difficulties. Most dieters need to raise their levels of norepinephrine to lose weight. An ingredient like coca leaves that elevates norepinephrine is easily the best tool we have.

Crown Jewel in the Weight-Loss Arena

In the first Western account of the practice of coca chewing, mention is made that coca reduces hunger and thirst. “In certain valleys, among the mountains (of Peru), there grows a certain herb called coca, which the Indians do esteem more than gold or silver … the virtue of this herb found by experience is that any man having these leaves hath never hunger or thirst.” Hi-Tech believes that with the release of Lipodrene® Elite, they are in the midst of turning the diet and energy supplement category on its head. Hi-Tech has been at the forefront of the diet and energy supplement industry for 20 years, and believes this is the crown jewel in the weight-loss arena.

Coca leaf alkaloids represent the newest foundation of weight loss, mood enhancement and increased energy. Why struggle with inferior products that don’t enhance brain chemistry to allow you to reach your bodyweight goals? Combining the effects of coca leaves with the demonstrated effects of DMAA, caffeine and other research-proven ingredients is clearly a new direction for people wanting to drop bodyweight and feel better while doing it.

Lipodrene® Elite clearly is in a class all by itself.

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