Extreme Diet Aid

By Bryan Hildebrand

Weight-loss products come and go. Some contain little to no real benefit and slowly fade from nutrition store shelves, while others contain every ingredient under the sun. They promise the sun, the moon and the world. Instant. Incinerating. Rapid. Fat melting. Weight zapping. Scientific breakthrough and more. But what anyone really needs in their weight-loss supplement quest is believability. That altruistic belief that the product they choose will really help them achieve the results they are willing to work hard for. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals HydroxyElite™ has always proven to be that product.

HydroxyElite™ users report that when utilizing it during periods of training and exercise with the goal of weight loss, there is no exaggerated feeling of nervousness or distraction that other inferior ingredients can provide. Instead the ingredients in HydroxyElite™ give you incredible usable energy to get you through long cardio or high-intensity training sessions confidently. What’s even more important, HydroxyElite™ has been doing it right for many years now.

The feeling of useable all-day energy is certainly terrific but unlike many other products on the market, is not overwhelming. At days end, when HydroxyElite™ starts to wind down, it does so smoothly and cleanly. No sudden crash or sluggishness ensues, just a peaceful feeling of tremendous accomplishment from your days training.

When anyone losing weight turns to a supplement to add to their regimen, they want some very specific actions – increased energy, long-lasting focus, strong but subtle potential and zero energy drop off at the end of the day. Industry-leading HydroxyElite™ gives you all of these and more with every dose.

The science behind the HydroxyElite™ lineup of caffeine, Rauwolfia canescens (aka rauwolscine), Bauhinia purpurea extract, Bacopa monnieri extract, Cirsium oligophyllum extract, and Garcinia cambogia extract is quite remarkable. While many ingredients found in inferior products stimulate your central nervous system, Hi-Tech focuses on the science of weight loss and body fat accumulation by utilizing the power of hydroxycitric acid.

The active ingredient in Garcinia cambogia extract is a fruit native to India called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA reduces fatty acid synthesis by approximately 40 to 70 percent for eight to 12 hours following a meal. Citrin K is a superior source of standardized high-potency HCA, making this small pumpkin-shaped fruit a powerhouse of weight-loss support!

What is most interesting about this ingredient is its effect on brain chemistry. It has shown to increase levels of serotonin or the “feel good” chemical made in our brain. Increased serotonin levels tend to allow improved sleep quality and increased daytime energy levels as well as helping us better control how and what we eat.

Rauwolscine has been shown to be capable of elevating serotonin levels as well, but even more so than yohimbine, thus increasing its overall effectiveness as a weight-loss supplement. Rauwolscine may also trigger the release of noradrenaline, a potent neurotransmitter that can also potentiate greater weight loss and elevate feelings of a positive mood. In addition, caffeine and other stimulants have shown to increase this overall potential.

HydroxyElite’s™ formula does more than just make you feel like you are taking a weight-loss supplement; it wins over users by the results they achieve with the proven science of its ingredients.

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• Excellent for High-Intensity Training

• Improve Your Weight Loss

• Clean, Usable Energy

• Increased Energy – Strong, But Not Too Long

• Improved Mental Acuity

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