Jumpstart Meal Plan

Get lean and tight with carb cycling

There are a number of nutritional methods one can follow to lose weight. Like many other fitness professionals, 3-time IFBB Figure Olympia Champions Nicole Wilkins prefers to use a carbohydrate cycling approach. This strategy consists of alternating between days of lower and higher amounts of carbohydrates. Doing so allows you to have periods where your body dips into fat stores for energy while also giving you sufficient calories to train and build muscle. That’s a win!

There are also numerous ways to do a carb cycle. Below, Nicole shares an example carb cycle meal plan that she might use to jumpstart fat loss. If you are losing more than 2 lbs per week, adjust the program by replacing a low day with a high day or adding a few hundred calories to each day.

MONDAY: Low Carb Day
TUESDAY: Low Carb Day
WEDNESDAY: High Carb Day
THURSDAY: Low Carb Day
FRIDAY: High Carb Day
SATURDAY: Low Carb Day
SUNDAY: High Carb Day

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