Flat Abs by Summer

Diet secrets of the Bikini pros

Looking for ways to change up your diet to get bikini ready by summer? Two top IFBB Bikini pros — Stacey Alexander and Amanda Latona — are here to help! They share some of their favorite fat-loss recipes and tips below!

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Flat Abs by Summer - Diet secrets of the Bikini pros


2013 Bikini Olympia: 3rd place

Flat Abs by Summer - Diet secrets of the Bikini pros

Stacey’s Favorite Healthy Meals

Egg White Omelet with no cheese or low-fat cheese: 1 cup liquid egg whites, veggies, salsa, spinach, hot sauce (if you want to add chicken, use 1/2 cup of egg whites and 2 oz chicken)

Egg White Wrap: 1 cup liquid egg whites, veggies, salsa, spinach, hot sauce (if you want to add chicken, use 1/2 cup of egg whites and 2-3 oz chicken). Wrap in one corn tortilla.

Chicken or Fish Tacos: Chicken or fish (season to your satisfaction), 1-2 corn tortillas (depends on your carb intake) lettuce, salsa, jalapeños, hot sauce, 1 tsp guacamole. If you don’t want use a tortilla to wrap, you can also use lettuce.

Chicken Vegetable Soup: Boil chicken (16 oz), sweet potato or yams (12 oz), green peppers, squash, 4 carrots, onions. Take out half veggies and sweet potato and blend in a blender. Once liquefied, add back to pot. This becomes your broth! This makes 3-4 servings.

Tuna Wrap: This is really easy to take to work with you. Buy the tuna that comes in a package. No can opener is needed! Put together one serving size of tuna, romaine lettuce wedges, pepper, balsamic and hot sauce

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Flat Abs by Summer - Diet secrets of the Bikini pros


2013 Bikini Olympia: 6th place

Flat Abs by Summer - Diet secrets of the Bikini pros

Amanda’s Top Diet Tips for Fat-Loss

1. Fill up on veggies — they are low in calories and the fiber keeps you full.

2. Have protein at every meal — this will satisfy hunger, keep you fuller longer and build muscle, which will increase your metabolism.

3. Drink lots of water — staying hydrated to keep you full and removes toxins. Hot water with lemon is a great natural cleanser.

4. Don’t be afraid of fats. Include healthy fats in your fat-loss plan. Good fats burn bad fats, so include coconut oil, olive and grapeseed oils, avocados, natural nut butters and seeds like chai and flax.

5. Eat several small meals instead of a few large ones. This will keep your blood sugar stable and will keep you from being overly hungry, which could contribute to overeating.

6. Avoid processed foods and white products.

7. Portion control. Be aware that even though nuts are good, if you eat a ton that could be half your calories for the day! Remember calories in verses calories out.

8. Plan ahead. I always have my food cooked for several days ahead. This way if I’m hungry, I have my food there and ready; I’m not wondering what I’m going to eat next, or waiting around to cook it. I also take my meals with me in my cooler when I go out for the day to run errands, to work, or when traveling. I always have my clean food available.

9. Stay balanced. When you totally cut out a food, you may feel too restricted and then when you have it again, you can overindulge because you’ve felt so deprived. Take it from me— I used to be the girl that if I had one cookie, then I’d eat the whole bag and figured the day is ruined so let’s make it a cheat day… no more! Now, if I really want a cookie or a glass of wine, I will have it, count it into my daily total calories, move on and don’t beat myself up.

10. Be consistent! Don’t get discouraged if your body doesn’t change overnight. It takes time, hard work, dedication and consistency, but you CAN DO IT!!

11. Focus on the glutes! I’m known for my glutes and I love to train them. Training the glutes/lower body also burns tons of calories, so I hit ‘em hard and two times a week. And don’t be afraid to LIFT!!

Amanda’s Protein Mug Cake Recipe

Dry Ingredients
1 scoop casein protein
1 TB coconut flour
1 TB unsweetened cocoa powder
1 TB baking stevia
1 TB PB2 powdered peanut butter
1/3 tsp sodium-free baking powder

Wet Ingredients
2 liquid egg whites (6 TBS)
Unsweetened almond milk to consistency

Mix dry ingredients, then add wet. Mix together to desired consistency. You can keep adding as much almond milk as you like, but should be dough-like (I add a little extra almond milk because I like it a little softer when it’s cooked). Cover with plastic wrap and microwave between 1:15-1:30 seconds. Less time will create a softer center— that’s how I like it. Take out and plop on a plate and stick 1 TB natural peanut butter in the middle. When you eat it, the peanut butter has melted and is like a peanut butter chocolate lava cake. Mmmmmmm. Enjoy!

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