Holiday Circuit Workout

Quick, Fun and No Gym Required

It’s that time of year when you may find yourself digging extra deep for motivation. The sun sets earlier, climate is changing and you find that a cup of coffee by a fire sounds much better than lacing up and getting yourself to the gym.

Have no fear: I am here to help you get through the holidays with quick, efficient workouts that of course require NO GYM. Join me for this FUN circuit workout that won’t take up much of your time but will ensure you make yourself NON-negotiable this holiday season. I promise you will thank me later and that cup of coffee will taste that much better! Have fun and let me know what you think! Remember, you are non-negotiable.

Gina Aliotti’s Holiday Circuit Workout

 10 squat toe taps, superset with 10 push-ups

Perform a squat, then at the top of the squat, tap with your one toe, then back into the squat and repeat from side to side until you have completed 10 squats. Immediately drop to the ground and do 10 push-ups— any variation of your choice.

10 reverse-grip front raises with biceps curls

Grabbing dumbbells in each hand and leaning slightly forward, with a reverse grip, perform a front raise superset with a biceps curl. Repeat until you have completed 10 total reps of a front raise and biceps curl.

10 reverse lunges

Start in a split squat position with one foot in front of you and one foot directly behind you. Alternate from side to side, bringing your back foot to meet your front, then stepping back with the opposite foot until you have completed 10 reverse lunges on each side.

20 crunches, superset with 10 reach throughs

Lying on the ground with your hands behind your neck, elbows butterflied open and knees bent, crunch up toward the sky for 20 crunches. Once you have done 20 crunches, keep your feet on the ground and bring yourself up into a full crunch, reaching through the space between your knees. Perform 10 reach throughs.

10 side-to-side, low squats

Start in a low squat position with your glutes back, as if you are sitting in an imaginary chair. Bring one foot to meet your opposite foot, tapping back and forth, staying low for a total of 10 side-to-side squats.

10 jump squats

With your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, jump up toward the sky as high as you can and as you land, drop into a deep squat, jumping back up and completing 10 jump squats.

Rest and repeat the circuit two to three times.

Gina Aliotti

Gina Aliotti is a former IFBB Figure Pro, certified yoga instructor, health and fitness coach and owner of Gina Aliotti Fitness. Her passion is to inspire and motivate moms to get in the best shape with NO GYM necessary. Gina believes that we all have the same potential within us; it is a matter of what we do with that potential that makes all the difference. It is through her simplified approach to fitness that she helps to ignite that inner fire and help others tap into their ultimate potential. Find more of Gina on: Faceboook Gina's Website Instagram

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