Fit Fast Total Body Circuit

Blast fat in 25 minutes

Short on time, but want to get a full-body workout in? Try this fat-blasting circuit!

Fit Fast Total Body Circuit -Blast fat in 25 minutesPerform each exercise for 30 seconds.
Do 4 rounds with no rest, moving to the next exercise as fast as you can.

Fit Fast Total Body Circuit -Blast fat in 25 minutesWide-grip pulldowns
Close-grip seated row
Side lateral raises
Squat jumps
Leg press
Leg extensions
High jumps
Rope biceps curls
Seated biceps curls
Triceps dips

Exercise notes:

Side lateral raises — Make sure to only raise the dumbbells laterally to shoulder level.

Squat Jumps — Start with legs together. Jump out to a wide low squat. Then, jump back to the starting position.

High Jumps — Start with legs shoulder-width apart. Jump up as high as you can into the air and land in a squat position. Immediately jump back into the air.

Pullovers — Lie flat on a bench and hold one dumbbell with both hands. Bring the dumbbell behind your head until you feel a stretch in your chest. Pull back up to chest level while squeezing your chest.

Triceps Dips — Sitting on a bench or chair, grab onto its edge with your hands approximately shoulder width. Extend your feet out in front of you. Lower your body down by bending your elbows; stop when your upper arms are about parallel to the floor. Then, push back up and tighten your triceps. Position a dumbbell between your legs to make the triceps dips more challenging.

Jennifer Andrews

Jennifer Andrews is a IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete, certified trainer/business owner with Fine Fanny Fitness, and Team Bombshell coach. Jennifer is a sponsored athlete for Beautyfit and Better Bodies.

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