Fit Fast Killer Plyo Workout

Fat Blasting, 25-minutes, Do It Anywhere!

Perform 5 Rounds. No rest between exercises. Minimize rest between sets.


3-4 ROUNDS of these combos (ankle band optional for higher intensity)

10 Push-up to squat
10 Side squat with biceps curl
20 Plank jack
10 Reverse lunge with overhead press
5 Women makers (plank, row, push-up, squat, overhead press)
20 Pulse crunches (press legs out with crunch motion)


10 burpees
10 push-ups
30 mountain climbers
20 switch lunges


Exercise Notes

Mountain Climbers

Get in a plank position. Bring one leg forward under your chest while the other leg is extended and then switch. Continue alternating. Go as fast as you can while keeping your body and abs tight.

Switch Lunges

Begin in a lunge position with the right foot forward. Jump in the air and land in a lunge with the left foot forward.

Jennifer Andrews

Jennifer Andrews is a IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete, certified trainer/business owner with Fine Fanny Fitness, and Team Bombshell coach. Jennifer is a sponsored athlete for Beautyfit and Better Bodies.

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