Dumbbells & Plyos

Fat Blasting, 25-minutes, Do It Anywhere!

Dumbbells & Plyos
Short on time or can’t make it to the gym? Try this 25 minute workout you can do ANYWHERE at anytime.

For this Fit Fast workout, you will be holding dumbbells for every plyometric movement. This will really amp up many of the body weight movements you are used to performing.

Here’s what to do:

5 minute Warm-up: Walk 4.0 mph at a 3% incline holding a 5lb dumbbell in each hand. Then…

Perform 4 ROUNDS of the following circuit. No rest between exercises. Minimize rest between sets.

30 seconds DB High Knee Runs
30 second DB Squat Jumps
15 (each leg) DB Walking Lunges
1 minute Jump Rope – no DB needed
30 seconds DB Angry Punches in a squat position
15 (each leg) DB Lateral Single Leg Jumps
20 DB Hands Up Sit-ups
30-Second Plank – no DB needed

Exercise Notes

Squat Jumps – Start with legs together. Hold one dumbbell with both hands between your legs. Jump out to a wide low squat. Then, jump back to the starting position.

Jump Rope – If you do not have a jump rope, do the motion holding 2 – 3 lb weights.

Angry Punches – Holding a dumbbell in each hand, keep abs in tight and rotate torso while punching as hard as you can.

Lateral Single Leg Jumps – Begin with feet together. Holding a dumbbell in the right hand, jump laterally pushing off with left foot and land on right foot. Place the dumbbell on the ground and pick it up with the left hand. Then jump off the right foot, land on the left and place the dumbbell on the ground to switch hands. Repeat motion for specified reps.

Hands Up Sit-ups – Place your feet under something sturdy and lay down in a sit-up position with your knees bent. Holding a dumbbell with both hands, extend your arms straight up from your chest. Perform a full sit-up while at the same time bringing the weight above your head. Lower back down to the starting position and repeat.

Dumbbells & Plyos Dumbbells & Plyos Dumbbells & Plyos

Jennifer Andrews

Jennifer Andrews is a IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete, certified trainer/business owner with Fine Fanny Fitness, and Team Bombshell coach. Jennifer is a sponsored athlete for Beautyfit and Better Bodies.

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