HIIT The Smith Machine

Burn Fat, Build Strength

The Smith machine can be used for more than just squats, and this program will introduce you to a few of my favorites! Using only a Smith machine, I was able to cram in a killer HIIT workout and accomplish two goals: building strength and burning lots of calories!

HIIT The Smith Machine - HIIT The Smith Machine


First, stand under the bar with it positioned on your shoulders. Then, starting with your right leg, step back into a lunge. Then, bring the back leg forward to complete one rep. Perform 10 reps to the right before switching and repeating the same amount of reps using your left leg. Add weight to the bar to increase the challenge and work on your strength.

HIIT The Smith Machine - HIIT The Smith Machine


Next, adjust the bar to thigh level (or lower to increase the challenge). Place hands on the bar and position body in a plank/push-up position. Complete 10 push-ups.

HIIT The Smith Machine - HIIT The Smith Machine


Then, finish up the set by positioning yourself underneath the bar and grasping it with an underhand grip. The bar should be a chest level. Using your back (and biceps), row your body up so that your chest almost touches the bar. The straighter your legs and lower the bar, the more challenging the row will be. Repeat 10 times.

Do all three exercises for 5 rounds, minimizing rest!

Jessica James is a IFBB Bikini Pro and Bodybuilding.com Sponsored Athlete, as well as an online fitness coach and certified personal trainer. Growing up in a competitive cheer gym owned by her family, she has been instructing and providing guidance to athletes of all ages for 12 years. Email Jessica for general fitness counseling, food and workout plans.

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