Countdown Cardio

A High Intensity, Pyramid-style Workout

This HIIT cardio routine is a booty kicker! Using a box or step and a medicine ball, this three-exercise combination performed pyramid-style is guaranteed to spike your heart rate and keep it there!

A pyramid-style program calls for you to perform each exercise for a specified number of reps and then either increase or decrease your reps each set until you reach a targeted number of reps. For this particular program, you will perform 10 reps for the first round, 8 reps for the second round and then 6, 4 and 2 reps for the following three rounds.

Countdown Cardio A High Intensity, Pyramid-style Workout

Here’s what to do:


First, I jumped onto a box—carefully stepping down in between each rep.


Next, holding a 15lb medicine ball at chest level, I threw the ball up against a wall while stepping up onto the box with one leg. I added a small kickback motion with the leg not stepping up.


Finally, standing with my legs wider than shoulder width and with the medicine ball at chest level, I performed squats.

Perform 10 reps for the first round and then drop down two reps until you reach the final 5th round, which will be 2 reps of each movement. So, as described above, your reps for each round will be 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2. Good luck! Minimize breaks and see how fast you can complete all rounds!

Jessica James is a IFBB Bikini Pro and Sponsored Athlete, as well as an online fitness coach and certified personal trainer. Growing up in a competitive cheer gym owned by her family, she has been instructing and providing guidance to athletes of all ages for 12 years. Email Jessica for general fitness counseling, food and workout plans.

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