BOSU Ball Plyos

A Fat-Burning Finishing Circuit

If you’re bored of the bike, can’t stand the stairs and detest the dreadmill, perhaps it’s time to mix up your cardio with another method. We suggest giving a FAT-BURNING FINISHER a try!

As the name implies, a finisher is a set tagged onto the end of your weight-training session. The goal of the finisher is to maximally challenge your total body, deplete your energy stores and increase the afterburn. A finisher can be just one exercise or a combination of exercises that induce a high metabolic cost.

There are endless options for finishing circuits. You can get creative by stringing together a few compound, plyometric and/or bodyweight moves for a seriously intense circuit. Below is a BOSU BALL PLYOMETRIC CIRCUIT for you to try demonstrated by 2015 Arnold Australia IFBB Bikini Champion Janet Layug!


Should you really push it? Yes. Should you test your limits? Yep. Should you take into account your current fitness level? ABSOLUTELY.

No matter your fitness level, you are striving for YOUR personal eight to nine out of 10 in terms of effort. For each person, that looks a little different, which is OK. You will adapt, get in better shape and improve with each session. The key is to keep pushing.

Fat-Burning Finisher: BOSU BALL PLYOS

The BOSU is a great tool for a finisher, as it adds instability and resistance (for the burpee) to some common plyometric moves to increase the challenge. The key to this circuit is speed and explosiveness.

• Perform each move for 30 seconds straight back to back, no rest.
• After completing one rotation, rest for one minute.
• Complete three to four rounds, depending on your fitness level.
• Move as quickly and explosively as you can while keeping form.

BOSU Squat Jump

1. BOSU Squat Jump

Position BOSU dome up and straddle it. Squat, then jump up and onto the dome with both feet. Jump back down to the straddle squat.


2. BOSU Push-up

With the flat side up, hold the side edges and perform a push-up.

BOSU Mountain Climber

3. BOSU Mountain Climber

With the flat side up, hold onto the side edges and alternate driving knees to chest as fast as you can.

BOSU Burpee

4. BOSU Burpee

With the flat side up, hold onto the side edges. Jump legs out to the plank and back in, ending in a squat with the BOSU overhead. Complete the rep with a jump.


5. BOSU Elbows To Hands

With the dome up, begin in an elbow plank position with forearms on the BOSU. One arm at a time, place palm on the dome and press up to plank on your hands. Lower back down to the forearm plank. Lead with the right for 15 seconds and lead with the left for 15 seconds.


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2015 Arnold Australia IFBB Bikini Champion
2015 Miss Hooters International
Registered Nurse
Gifted Nutrition Athlete
Team BodyTech


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