Tighten Up With TRX

Fire up the glutes & burn fat!

Tighten Up With TRX - Fire up the glutes & burn fat!
This week’s High Intensity Interval Training routine is 4 rounds of three exercises that’ll light your lower body on fire and make you weak in the knees (in a good way)! For this program, you’ll only need the TRX (or any suspension system) and some serious energy!

Step 1 – TRX Curtsy Lunge

First, perform 12 curtsy lunges on each side for a total of 24. To perform a curtsy lunge, step back as if you were performing a lunge but place your foot slightly across the opposite leg. You should feel the glute activate in your front leg. Alternate back and forth while holding on to the TRX handles.

Step 2 – TRX Jump SQUATS

With your arms straight out in front of you and leaning your body back, position your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and slightly in front of your body. Squat low and jump off the ground. Land in a deep squat and jump again. Repeat this explosive movement 15 times.


With your hands positioned on the back of your head, lower into a deep squat. As you stand up, pull one knee straight up from where the foot was positioned on the floor and bring your opposite elbow to meet that knee. Squeeze your core and feel your obliques contract. Lower back into a squat and repeat motion on the other side. Always focus on pulling your bellybutton towards your lower back by pulling in your abdominals. Complete 10 reps on each side.

Repeat for 4 more rounds, taking as little rest as possible.

Tighten Up With TRX - Fire up the glutes & burn fat! Tighten Up With TRX - Fire up the glutes & burn fat!


Like I say for every lower body cardio that works the glutes, make sure you use MIND TO MUSCLE CONNECTION. For many of us, our quads are conditioned to want to take the majority of the work from our hamstrings and butt. By envisioning the backside of your legs doing the work, it can help you adjust your positioning and keep the right muscles firing.

Jessica James is a IFBB Bikini Pro and Bodybuilding.com Sponsored Athlete, as well as an online fitness coach and certified personal trainer. Growing up in a competitive cheer gym owned by her family, she has been instructing and providing guidance to athletes of all ages for 12 years. Email Jessica for general fitness counseling, food and workout plans.

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