Ply-ROW-Metrics Cardio

Get ready to sweat!

Ply-ROW-Metrics Cardio * Get ready to sweat!
For this week’s HIIT cardio workout, you’ll need a row machine and an elevated box to jump on. If your gym doesn’t have a row machine accessible, go head and perform high knees (running in place) instead. (Make sure to pull your knees up as high as you possibly can.)

Step 1 – ROW

In this routine, you will start on the row machine. Position yourself on the equipment and tighten the straps onto your feet. This will keep you from flying off backwards as you row. Keep a clock in sight, and row fast for 1 minute. The more rapid you pull back when you row, the more intensity it adds.

Ply-ROW-Metrics Cardio * Get ready to sweat!Tip: If you have never been on a row machine, get used to the motion by first only using your legs. Sitting straight up and keeping your arms straight in front of you, hold on to the handles and pump yourself back and forth only using your legs. After several of these, keeping your back straight and still, pull the handles right below your chest as you pump back with your legs.

Step 2 – SKATERS

Clear out a space horizontally for you to jump back and forth. Pushing off the left leg, jump to your right and land on your right leg. Your left leg should cross behind you. Touch down your left hand down on the ground in front of you for balance and to shift your center of gravity lower to the ground. Repeat motion to the other side. Start slow, but once you get used to the motion, speed it up!

Perform these for 1 minute.
Ply-ROW-Metrics Cardio * Get ready to sweat!

Step 3 – BOX JUMP

Find a box or step you are comfortable jumping on to. Jump up on something really small at first and work your way up to greater heights. An aerobics step is a good start. Make sure you STEP down (rather than jump down) each time to avoid any injury on your ankles. Don’t be afraid to use you arms to propel yourself onto the box. (It helps for me to think to STOMP on the box as hard as I can when I jump up, if I’m feeling uneasy.)

Perform 20 of these as fast as you can.

Take a 1-minute breather before repeating.

Repeat 4 more times

Jessica James is a IFBB Bikini Pro and Sponsored Athlete, as well as an online fitness coach and certified personal trainer. Growing up in a competitive cheer gym owned by her family, she has been instructing and providing guidance to athletes of all ages for 12 years. Email Jessica for general fitness counseling, food and workout plans.

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