Elevate Your Cardio

And Make It Burn, Baby, Burn!

Elevate Your Cardio - And Make It Burn, Baby, Burn!
This week’s High Intensity Interval Training routine is 5 rounds of three exercises that’ll make you burn, baby, burn! On the steps, I performed some deep squats with a weight, followed by a set of step runs and elevated frog jump squats.

For this program, you’ll only need two aerobics steps and any form of weight to hold such as a dumbbell or kettlebell.

Step 1 – Elevated Deep Squats

On your mark, get set, burn time! Place two aerobics steps positioned parallel to each other. Stand on top of the steps placing one foot on each. Your feet should be a little more than shoulder width apart, and your toes should be slightly pointed out. Hold a dumbbell or any weight down in front of you with straight arms. Perform 12 deep squats—slightly deeper than 90 degrees. Make sure the weight is underneath you, not in front, and that you are keeping your back straight and core tight.

If you are unable to go that low in your squat, just go as low as you can or drop the weight until you are able to comfortably descend lower.

Step 2 – Step Runs

Since we have the steps, to spike your heart rate, let’s run up and down the step as quickly as possible. Do this 20 times.

Step 3 – Elevated Frog Squat Jumps

Lastly, standing on top of the step with your feet together, hop your feet off the side and out to the side landing on the ground. Land in a squat and quickly jump back up to the start position. Use your arms to help propel you back up onto the step. Complete 5 big jumps.

If this is too difficult, make the step shorter or just perform 10 regular jump squats on the ground.

Repeat for 5 more rounds, taking as little rest as possible! Embrace the burn & have fun with it!

Jessica James is a IFBB Bikini Pro and Bodybuilding.com Sponsored Athlete, as well as an online fitness coach and certified personal trainer. Growing up in a competitive cheer gym owned by her family, she has been instructing and providing guidance to athletes of all ages for 12 years. Email Jessica for general fitness counseling, food and workout plans.

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