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Revive MD is a health-based wellness company that dares to be different. While some new companies launch their brand with sports nutrition products like pre-workouts, protein powder, bars or RTD shakes, Revive MD has decided to focus on the most important component of overall health – our internal organs and hormone levels. Revive MD is a company for people who want to put their health as their number one priority – and they have introduced a stellar line of products to promote health and wellness from the inside.

Revive MD was founded by two men who have earned respect worldwide in the areas of fitness and health – renowned trainer and coach Matt Jansen and Dr. Domenic Iacovone, who has been acclaimed in both fitness and hormone therapy. Matt Jansen puts his athletes’ bodies through a lot while training for their shows, including the Mr. Olympia. He understands firsthand the importance of your overall health and wellness, especially taking care of your internal organs.

Some of the top athletes in the world have aligned themselves with Revive MD because they realize the value of taking care of their inner health. Revive MD athletes include Chris Bumstead, 2019 Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Champion; Hafthor Bjornsson, who holds the world record for the deadlift and is a multiple-time strongman champion; and Stipe Miocic, a multiple-time UFC heavyweight world champion.

Here are some of the products that Revive MD has developed with your inner health in mind:


This Liver Management formula was created to support all aspects of a healthy liver naturally. With 300mg of TUDCA per serving, Liver is designed to:

• Enhance Supplement Absorption

• Support Liver Health

• Enhance Cell Regeneration

• Improve Eye Health


These kidney support supplement capsules have been scientifically formulated with the finest natural ingredients selected to:

• Improve Kidney Function

• Improve Filtration Rate

• Support Healthy Blood Pressure

• Reduce Stress Levels


This cortisol supplement formula has been designed to help users manage stress levels for improved mental clarity and increased productivity. Calm is formulated to:

• Improve Stress Management

• Enhance Mood

• Increase Serotonin Production

• Increase Performance


The Digest Aid formula was designed to support the digestion of fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. The benefits include:

• Improved Gastric Acid Balance

• Improved Healthy Digestion

• Maximizes Nutrient Absorption

• Support for Food Sensitivities


Try the best supplements for women from Revive MD to increase your energy and slow down physiological changes. Use women’s health vitamins at key points in your life.

• Lowering SHBG Caused By Birth Control

• Decrease Bloating From Estrogen Imbalances

• Decrease Acne Caused by Hormonal Imbalances

• Aids In Returning to Homeostasis


Cardiac disease and high blood pressure (hypertension) are two of the leading causes of health problems worldwide. Revive MD’s Blood Pressure is designed to:

• Improve Cardiac Wellness

• Promote Healthy Blood Pressure

• Reduce Stress Levels

• Promote Feelings of Relaxation


This clinically formulated supplement helps support prostate health and bladder functions naturally. Revive MD’s Prostate is designed to:

• Support Prostate Health

• Support Healthy Urinary Flow

• Help Maintain Estrogen Levels Within Healthy Range

• Support Bladder Functions

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