Fiber and Omega-3 Reduce Cholesterol

Flaxseed provides multiple health benefits! It contains omega-3, alpha linoleic acid, fiber and lignans, and is also conveniently available as flaxseed oil, grounded, flour or powder.

Here are some great benefits of flaxseed:

Reduces cholesterol. A study in the 2008 British Journal of Nutrition supplemented 55 patients with high cholesterol with a flaxseed extract. The study showed a reduction in cholesterol within these patients.

Improves sugar control. Flaxseed may help diabetics by improving blood sugar control.

Rich in fiber. Flaxseed is a good source of insoluble and soluble fiber, providing three grams of fiber for each tablespoon eaten. Fiber has an important role in digestion and weight control, and also helps to reduce constipation.

Cancer prevention. Flaxseed consumption can prevent melanoma skin cancer. The antioxidant properties of flaxseed lignans may also eliminate potential carcinogens and reactive oxygen species out of the body.

Prevent cardiac death. The alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA, in flaxseed may reduce your risk for cardiac death, according to Flaxseed has potassium, a heart-healthy mineral.

Vitamins and minerals. Flaxseed is rich in vitamin E and B, niacin and thiamine. Minerals like bone-building magnesium and potassium and cell-protecting selenium are also found in high concentrations in flaxseeds.


Marcela Tribin

Marcela Tribin is a dentist and an IFBB Bikini Pro athlete. She loves to write on topics about the latest advances in health, beauty, nutrition and supplements. Her goal is to provide simple but useful information for healthy living!

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