Training Big Biceps

Arms not quite where you want them to be?

Training Big Biceps
Hello FitnessRx Women,

Training Big BicepsThis week, I want to talk about training biceps! I love training arms. You can see and feel the pump as you get your swole on! I don’t train too heavy because my genetics allow me to grow them without too much effort, so I scale back a bit. But don’t let this hold you back in the gym if your biceps are not where you want them to be.

When training arms, you still want to make sure you are keeping symmetry to your physique. Don’t let your biceps and triceps dominate your deltoid muscles or your upper body may appear to be off balance!

I do 8 set maximum and between 12-15 reps, which allows me to keep the weight lighter than other muscle groups. Keeping a tight form and controlled movements will optimize your success with muscle hypertrophy.

Train on, ladies!

Standing Cable Bicep Curls

4 sets/12 reps

• Keep feet slightly apart
• Bend knees slightly
• Hold elbows close to your body, pivoting only at the elbow joint
• Do not swing body and keep your shoulders squared up

Spider Curls

4 sets/12 reps

• Lay stomach on the incline bench at about a 45-degree incline
• Hold arms out in front of you
• Using dumbbells, curl straight up, pivoting only at elbow joint
• Make sure to keep your arms forward the entire set
• Keep weight controlled and feel the bicep burn ;)

Heather Dees

Heather Dees is a Top 5 IFBB Figure International and Top 4 IFBB Figure Olympia champion. She is a Species Nutrition Elite sponsored athlete as well as TMarie Suits Sponsored Athlete. She is a Figure and Bikini Coach, Cosmetologist and Master Esthetician. For more with Heather, check out her “Training Journals” online with FitnessRx for Women.

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