Six Pack Abs!

IFBB Figure Pro Heather Dees' Training Journal #8: ABS

Time to talk about abs! Six-pack abs are a big reason I am in the bodybuilding industry! I would flip through fitness magazines and think, “How the heck can I get six-pack abs like the people shown in these mags??”

I started training for my first show in hopes for some toned abdominals and seven months later, I achieved my goal. With my physique, I have the ripped six-pack abs I love when I have extremely low body fat. To get a six-pack or shredded abdominal muscles, it is actually about more than just getting lean; you also need to have highly developed abdominal muscles. With this workout you will be able to achieve exactly that!


Reverse Bench Crunches

4 sets/reps 15, 15, 15, 15

  • Elevate your legs using only your abs
  • Keep your knees inline with your hips
  • Focus on driving your knees toward the ceiling rather than having them travel toward your head

Stability Ball Crunches

3 sets/reps 30, 30, 30

  • Keep reps slow
  • Do not let the ball move as your round your spine up into the crunch
  • Extend all the way back over the ball

4 sets/reps 15, 15, 15, 15

  • Hold a medicine ball in your hands
  • Raise straight arms and legs up at the same time using only your abdominal muscles
  • Lower arms and legs but keep them elevated off the floor the entire set
Heather Dees

Heather Dees is a Top 5 IFBB Figure International and Top 4 IFBB Figure Olympia champion. She is a Species Nutrition Elite sponsored athlete as well as TMarie Suits Sponsored Athlete. She is a Figure and Bikini Coach, Cosmetologist and Master Esthetician. For more with Heather, check out her “Training Journals” online with FitnessRx for Women.

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