Shoulder Training Day

Here's an offseason workout for a heavier training day

Hello Miss FitnessRx Ladies! This week is shoulder training time! Now that the competition season is coming to an end, let’s push hard and heavy and make our workouts count! I am focused on building some muscle with a higher-calorie clean diet during off-season training; it makes weight training even more fun! A higher amount of clean carbs gives me a lot more strength and pumps I can see and feel.

Shoulders are a major muscle group that every judge analyzes when you first step into the spotlight. You don’t want them so big that they dominate your physique, but you do want them to be full enough that it gives you a great V-taper.

I focused on heavy training this week! Here’s my shoulder routine:

Stink-Bug Stability Ball Presses

4 sets/10 reps each set
Keep your knees tucked to your chest
Hands on the floor right next to the ball
Lower body weight toward the floor, bending elbows to 90 degrees
Press up, keeping abs tight
Slow and controlled movement; you should feel burning in your delts
(See picture)

Single-Arm Cable Raises

4 sets/10 reps each set
Lower cable arm all the way down
Holding handle in one hand, lift arm keeping elbow slightly higher than wrist
Do all 10 reps on one arm, then switch
Continue back and forth with both arms till you complete all 4 sets without rest period

Dumbbell “L” Raises

7 sets/12 reps each set
Hold a dumbbell in each hand
Having one arm in front of your body and one to the side, you will alternate front and lateral raises
As right arm extends out in a lateral raise, left arm raises into a front raise
Alternate back and forth entire set
Rest 30 seconds between each set

Rear Delt TRX Rows

4 sets/10 reps each set
Holding straps, have knees slightly bent, body parallel to the floor
Keeping elbows high, raise body, pulling hands apart
Slowly lower to start position
Keep abs tight at all times, feeling the burn in your rear delts
(See Picture)

Rear Delt Machine Extensions

7 sets/12 reps each set
Using the pec deck, sit facing the machine
Extend arms out, keeping arms straight and elbows up
Hold abs tight and keep weight under slow and controlled movement
Take a 30-second rest period between each set

Heather Dees

Heather Dees is a Top 5 IFBB Figure International and Top 4 IFBB Figure Olympia champion. She is a Species Nutrition Elite sponsored athlete as well as TMarie Suits Sponsored Athlete. She is a Figure and Bikini Coach, Cosmetologist and Master Esthetician. For more with Heather, check out her “Training Journals” online with FitnessRx for Women.

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