Michele Levesque-Presciano’s Leg and Glute Blast Workout

Part I: Get to Know Michele

Fit mom (and mom-to-be), fitness model and personal trainer Michele Levesque-Presciano knows all about balancing her family and career while keeping fit. Before we get to her workout, let’s do a “warm up” with Michele and talk about her keys to success, reaching goals, motivation and more.

Frx: How did you get into fitness? Were you active when you were growing up?

Michele: I was very active growing up and was involved in so many different sports. Pretty much anything you can think of, I did it, and I eventually found my niche in track and field. I became very disciplined at a very young age, and quickly got addicted to training hard and pushing my body to its limit.

Frx: Do you have a life motto that you live by?
Michele: I’m a huge believer in karma. I believe what comes around goes around. I stop trying to hurt or devalue someone because I am upset; there is no need for revenge.

Frx: What’s your advice for women who want to get in shape like you?
Michele: Be patient, be positive, be consistent and it will happen. Think about the progress and changes you can make in a month. Stop focusing on what can happen a year from now or else you will get discouraged. Instead, focus on the next 24 hours that is right in front of you and give 100 percent. Next thing you know, you will look back and you’ll be exactly where you want to be.

Frx: What are some keys to success that have helped you achieve your goals?

Michele: First off, I never tried to become someone I was not. The only time I could be someone else was on some of the photo shoots I did! And I think that really helps in being successful.

Frx: What to you like to do for fun outside of fitness?

Michele: Spend with my daughter and do family stuff. I am a mom to a 15-month-old little girl. I am all about making her discover life, even if it’s just a walk in the park; she is very active and pays attention to everything. It’s amazing to see her grow.

Frx: How do you stay motivated?

Michele: I’ve been working out for so long, it’s just in me, and the motivation comes by itself. Some days are worse than others, but just thinking how exercising makes me feel is enough to stay motivated. Plus, I want my daughter to grow with healthy and active parents.

Frx: What do you hope to accomplish down the road?

Michele: I would really like to grow my online training business. I haven’t had time to even think about it. But I’d like to offer more to my current clients and new clients.

Michele Levesque-Presciano’s Leg and Glute Blast Workout - Cable Knees Raises

Michele’s Diet for a Day

Here’s Michele’s basic diet that she follows on a regular day. When she wants to burn more fat, she will incorporate Synadrene or HydroxyElite from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

Pre-workout: Half a banana
Meal 1 (post-workout): One yolk, two egg whites/avocado, one slice of bread with peanut butter
Meal 2: Chicken with mixed veggies and quinoa
Meal 3: Hi-Tech Pharmaeuticals NitroPro chocolate protein shake with almond milk
Meal 4: Extra lean ground beef or turkey/chicken with potatoes/rice and a salad and a few bites of fruit or a Greek yogurt

Michele’s Supplement Stack

Chain’d Reaction BCAA by APS Nutrition
Hydroxyelite by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals (fat burner)
IsoMorph Protein by APS Nutrition
CarniSlim by APS Nutrition

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Michele Levesque-Presciano is sponsored by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Check out Michele’s Leg and Glute Blast Workout on Thursday!

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