Leg-Shaping Cardio

Part 4: The Bike

This is the last installment of my Leg-Shaping Cardio Series with Part 4: The Stationary Bike! I try to stay away from the bike, because unless I am really focused I have tendency to just cruise and not push it too hard. But here is another option for cardio, so you now you have four cardio workouts to choose from on different pieces of equipment to make your cardio schedule for the week. This way you can tailor it to your needs and what equipment is available to you! Just a reminder: if you only have one piece of this cardio equipment available to you, it is completely fine to use it every day.

Leg-Shaping Cardio - Part 4: The Bike

Sample Cardio Workout Schedule

Monday: Treadmill Workout
Tuesday: StepMill Workout
Wednesday: Arc Workout
Thursday: Treadmill Workout
Friday: Bike Workout
Saturday: **Optional** Your Choice! Treadmill, StepMill, Arc, Bike Workout
Sunday: OFF

Leg-Shaping Cardio - Part 4: The Bike

The Set-Up: Before getting on bike, make sure that you adjust the seat to proper height and move it forward or backward if necessary. The top of the seat should line up with your hip when you’re standing next to the bike. If there are straps on the peddle, make sure you’re pushed all the way forward and the strap is tightened. When you are seated and your leg is extended, you should have a SLIGHT bend in your knee; it should not be completely straight. Your arms should be resting not the handle bars, not completely slumped over, and you want to keep your chest and head up for oxygen.

Leg-Shaping Cardio - Part 4: The Bike

Bike Workout

5-minute warm-up
2-minute 50-60% work effort
30 seconds ALL OUT (as fast as you can for 30 seconds)
2-minute 50-60% work effort
30 seconds ALL OUT (as fast as you can for 30 seconds)
5 minutes total

Repeat circuit five times, for total of 25 minutes (30 minutes counting warm-up).

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