Leg-Shaping Cardio

Part 2: The StepMill

Last week I wrote about how to use the treadmill to help shape and tighten your legs, and this week I will be talking about one of my favorite pieces of cardio equipment: the StepMill.

Off the bat, nothing makes me sweat more than this bad boy— and for that alone I love it! I like to rotate this as one of my cardio workouts. Last week, I gave you a treadmill workout; you could do that treadmill workout one day and follow up with this. I will be adding in some more cardio workouts for you to alternate, but for now you could do the following:

Sample Cardio Workout Schedule

Monday: Treadmill Workout
Tuesday: StepMill Workout
Wednesday: Treadmill Workout
Thursday: StepMill Workout
Friday: Treadmill Workout
Saturday: **Optional** StepMill Workout

Here are the moves we will be doing

Leg Shaping Cardio Walking


Keep your body upright and push through heels, working at about 50 percent of max effort.

Leg Shaping Cardio Fast Walking

Fast Walk

Keep your body upright, push through heels, work at about 70 percent of max effort.

Leg Shaping Cardio Kickbacks


Slow the StepMill down to about a two to four, squeeze your glute back, extending your leg up and hold at the top for a few moments. Release and repeat on other side.

The Workout

5-minute warm-up
25 minutes walking

3 minutes walking
1 minute fast walk
1 minute kickbacks

Repeat 5 times

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