I’m Not Motivated But I Go Anyway

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“You’re just more motivated than me.”

That’s one of my favorite phrases people tell me. As if the uttering of those words excuses the one who said the phrase from going to the gym or eating clean.

It ranks right up there with, “It’s easy for you,” or “I just can’t.”

When a goal is reached, which for me was to lose more than 100 pounds, it’s funny that people forget what I was or how hard I worked to get there. They forget that sometimes, in fact many times, I had to drag myself to the gym kicking and screaming.

This morning, I did not want to go. But I did.

You see, I always weigh risks versus rewards. The risk of one slipped day leading to two was not worth losing the reward of doing it, and enjoying a guilt-free day.

And once I was there, the gym euphoria soon took over. And rather than berate myself all day for not going, I was able to just enjoy my day.

When I weighed 256 pounds, I was NOT more motivated than anyone.

Motivated people don’t reach 256 pounds. Not 5’5” tall women, anyway.

I did not want to go where all the fit people were while I was still oozing out of my jogging pants.

Here’s the thing, whether you’re motivated or not, you go.

Grilled chicken without salt does not motivate me.

But does my food have to motivate me? For that matter, does my gym have to motivate me?

I’m NEVER motivated to mop my kitchen floor, but I do it.

If I were to wait for motivation to wash my car, I would not be able to even recognize the color of it. There is a reason God made light-colored cars.

I saw a man the other day. He was in his 50s. And I could look at him and tell he had never lifted. And he was one of those people with great genetic potential. And I was kind of sad that he was that age and never knew what he could have been.

I guess he was never motivated?

If you wait for motivation to strike, you might be waiting a long time.

As for me, I go to the gym six days a week, whether motivated or not.

It’s just what I do.

And 121 pounds on the other side of my first non-motivated, cringe-inducing visit to the gym, I’m sure glad I went…

Even though I wasn’t motivated.

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