Triceps Training

No more flabby arms!

Triceps Training - No more flabby arms!
This week is triceps training, my FitnessRx Women! I hear a lot of women complain they don’t want the lower part of the arm (triceps) to wave when they wave goodbye… LOL! While this is partially due to higher body fat, we can mitigate the issue by developing the triceps muscles! Follow this workout for muscle hypertrophy, clean up your diet, and do at least 45 minutes of cardio 5 days a week— then wave goodbye to the “Flabby Arm Wave.”

Triceps Training - No more flabby arms!Machine Triceps Pressdowns
3 sets/12 reps
• Keep back flat against bench
• Elbows tucked in
• Slow and controlled pressdown
• Keep abs tight
• Feel tension in triceps entire set

Triceps Training - No more flabby arms!Bodyweight Bench Dips
3 sets/12 reps
• Bend legs; sit with glutes off bench and hands behind you
• Dip down till arms are at 90 degrees
• Press upward, contracting triceps
• Do not dip lower than 90 degrees

Standing Single-Arm Cable-Rope Press
3 sets/12 reps each arm
• Hold a cable rope in one hand
• Keep arm tight against body
• Extend arm down, flexing triceps
• Return arm to 90 degrees, keeping movement slow and controlled
• Keep core tight entire set

Heather Dees

Heather Dees is a Top 5 IFBB Figure International and Top 4 IFBB Figure Olympia champion. She is a Species Nutrition Elite sponsored athlete as well as TMarie Suits Sponsored Athlete. She is a Figure and Bikini Coach, Cosmetologist and Master Esthetician. For more with Heather, check out her “Training Journals” online with FitnessRx for Women.

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