Good Host Circuit-Training Workout

Total body workout in just 32-minutes

The past two weeks I provided you with “good host” cardio and weight-training workouts that get you back to your guest before they know you are gone. This week is a quick, jam-packed circuit that works the total body in 32 minutes.

Do each of the following exercises without stopping for 45 seconds, then move to the next one within 15 seconds. Perform three cycles of the exercises listed below and after each cycle take a one-minute break.

Jumping jacks shoulder press: jumping jack with an overhead shoulder press in out position. Use about half the weight you would use for a stationary shoulder press exercise.

Wall squat biceps curls: lean up against the wall and then come down like you are sitting in a chair and your legs are in a 90-degree angle and knees are behind the toes. Actively push your back against the wall, then perform a double or single biceps curls.

Angry punches: get in a horse stance and begin punching while rotating waist and keeping abs in tight. Make sure to get aggressive :)

Curtsy lunge kickbacks: lunge one leg diagonally behind the other like a very deep curtsy while performing a double triceps kickback, come back to the middle and then to the other side with another triceps kickback.

Smith machine push-ups: put the Smith machine bar on a low level, hold on with a wide grip and with your body in a line (feet, glutes and head should be in one line), and perform a push-up.

Reverse-lunge plated press: perform a reverse lunge holding a plate and at the same time press the plate forward so that arms are fully extended and at shoulder level.

Hammerhead horse stance: get in a very low, super wide horse stance, making sure knees are not going over the toes. While staying in this position, perform fast hammerhead curls. Make sure to keep elbows in close to the body.

Hyperextensions: using the hyperextension machine, make sure the machine is hitting below the hips, hug a weight and do a hyperextension. Squeeze everything you got in the up motion and make sure to keep abs in tight to support the lower back.

Smith machine triceps push-ups: put the Smith machine bar on a low level, hold on with a narrow grip, and with your body in a lined position (feet, glutes, and head should be in one line) perform a push-up, keeping your elbows close to the body.

Mountain climbers: place hands on the floor shoulder-width apart, bring one leg forward under your chest while the other leg is extended. Alternate each leg under the body while the other is extended. You can do this slow or fast but make sure to keep the abs in tight.

Jennifer Andrews

Jennifer Andrews is a IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete, certified trainer/business owner with Fine Fanny Fitness, and Team Bombshell coach. Jennifer is a sponsored athlete for Beautyfit and Better Bodies.

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