Giant Sets for Calves

IFBB Figure Pro Heather Dees' Training Journal #12: Calves

FitnessRx ladies need a new calf workout? I have just the one! Try to do a giant set— This will maximize results and minimize time! Another quick workout without sacrificing the growth needed to keep balance and symmetry to your lovely legs!

It is amazing the growth and result you can achieve in such a short time with consistent training. Keep motivated, ladies, and you will achieve the goals you have with your physique.

Here’s my giant set workout for calves and believe me, you will feel the BURN!!


Cybex Leg Presses

4 set circuit/15 reps

  • Keep leg press locked
  • Have your heels off the leg press
  • Get full extension by pressing through your big toe
  • Keep tempo slow and lower foot to flex position

Seated Calf Raises

4 set circuit/15 reps

  • Move straight to this exercise after Cybex calf raises
  • Keep feet shoulder-width apart
  • Press up all the way to point through your big toe
  • Slowly lower to flex position

Standing Smith Machine Calf Raises
4 set circuit/15 reps

  • Place either a thick plate or a Hammer strength calf block under Smith machine
  • Keep feet shoulder-width apart
  • Press through the toe and slowly lower all the way to full flexion
  • After completing this exercise, take a 60-90 second rest period and then return to Cybex calf raises
  • Complete all four circuits
Heather Dees

Heather Dees is a Top 5 IFBB Figure International and Top 4 IFBB Figure Olympia champion. She is a Species Nutrition Elite sponsored athlete as well as TMarie Suits Sponsored Athlete. She is a Figure and Bikini Coach, Cosmetologist and Master Esthetician. For more with Heather, check out her “Training Journals” online with FitnessRx for Women.

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