Carve Your Physique

A Challenging, Total Body No-equipment Workout

To create diamonds’ unique shapes, there are two processes that are used: cutting and polishing. When cutting a diamond, the cutter uses diamonds to cut diamonds. Once the shape is cut, the cutter then polishes the diamond to give it a finished look.

This workout uses diamond exercises to cut and polish your physique. There are four exercises and these can be done anywhere, no equipment needed. It targets your lower body, core, upper body, and overall conditioning to get you a full-body workout in 30 minutes.

The Workout

Diamond Cutting

Carve Your Physique - Diamond Jumps

10 Diamond Jumps

Start in a plie/sumo squat position. Swing arms up as you jump up. As you jump up, bring your heels together so you make a diamond in the air.

Carve Your Physique - Diamond Sit-ups

15 Diamond Sit-ups

Start lying down with your feet touching and knees as low to ground as possible, so you are making a diamond with your legs. Do a full sit-up, bringing your arms up and over to touch your toes.

Carve Your Physique - Diamond Push-ups

10 Diamond Push-ups

Start in push-up position with your pointer finger and thumbs touching to make a diamond. Lower to the ground and push back up.

You can put knees on the ground if necessary to make it through all 10 rep— the important part is getting the full range of motion down to the floor and back up.

Diamond Polishing

Carve Your Physique -1 Diamond Pyramid Run
Set up 4 cones about 20 meters/yards apart in a square, or as far as you can. Think of a baseball or softball diamond.

Run from home to first, walk back to home.

Run from home to first to second, walk back home.

Run from home to first to second to third, walk back home.

Run home: 1-2-3-home. Homerun!

Repeat entire workout as many times as you can in 30 minutes, taking breaks as needed.

Record the number of times you complete the circuit and attempt to better your score each time.

Photography by Costa Photography
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Rebekah Kathleen Clementson

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