Busy Bee Workout

Try This Workout When You're Short on Time!

You wake up late in a hurry because you have somewhere to be, but what about that great workout you had planned on accomplishing first? No worries; here is a quick and efficient workout for the “busy bees”!

Working out is a natural stress reliever. When you MAKE the time for it, the body releases those natural endorphins, relieving that built-up stress! ALWAYS do your BEST to make some time for that A.M. burn! Fast-paced workouts can be just as efficient as long, heavy workouts!

So what can we do if we are running short on time? Throw down some plyos and get a good burn!

Busy Bee Burn

Repeat 4x, don’t rest until you complete the whole set. Rest one minute between sets.

15 burpees with a push-up
10 front and back lunges on half Bosu ball (each leg)
15 frog jumps
10 side-to-side jumping squats on half Bosu ball
15 mountain climbers (each leg)
30-second sumo squat hold (holding a 30-lb dumbbell)

As you go throughout your busy day, you will feel healthy, energized and accomplished! The body will also burn more calories throughout the day when you get your workout in early! There is never “time” for anything, we MAKE the time! So focus on your HEALTH, prioritize, and GET TO WORK! Also make sure to watch your meals throughout the day and keep them clean!

Till next time, stay DEDICATED and DETERMINED! “The SKYE’s the limit”!!!

SPECIAL THANKS TO ISAAC HINDS OF LIFT STUDIOS FOR THE GORGEOUS PHOTOS OF SKYE.  Head over to www.liftsutdios.com to see more of his work and find how you can shoot with one of the fitness industry’s best.

Skye Taylor

Skye is an IFBB Bikini Pro and is currently the spokesmodel/sponsored athlete of Champion Nutrition USA.

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