Blast Fat and Get a Tight Tummy

With IFBB Bikini Pro Janet Layug

Five-time IFBB Bikini pro champion Janet Layug is your go-to lady for tips on fat loss and getting a tight and toned midsection. Based on feedback from our online audience, Janet is the most popular Bikini competitor in the IFBB. Follow her expert advice and you’ll be well on your way to a leaner, healthier and fitter version of yourself.

Blast Fat and Get a Tight Tummy - With IFBB Bikini Pro Janet Layug

Janet’s Tips for A BLASTING FAT

Drink lots of water. “Typically, about a gallon a day is what I consume. It helps me stay hydrated, full and satiated— keeping me away from foods that could hinder the healthy diet that showcase my abs. Also, water helps your skin look great and is important for the body to run better overall.”

Pick up the weights. “Cardio is a given, typically with women. Weight training will give your body a nice toned look, sexy curves and will help you lose weight faster than cardio alone.”

Cardio. “You have to incorporate cardiovascular exercise in addition to eating right to reduce body fat and tone your abs. You can develop amazing abs from training, but you won’t see them if you have a thick layer of fat covering your muscles.” Shoot for three to four cardio sessions each week— combining moderate-intensity, steady state and high-intensity interval varieties.

Lower your calories. “You have to eat the right foods in combination with cardio and ab training to get the best results. The trick is consuming fewer calories than you burn. Lowering caloric intake will help boost your fat loss.”

Choose the right carbohydrates. “Carbs get a negative rep when talking fat loss. The truth is, carbs are good for you and will aid in reducing body fat and developing a six-pack. Stay away from fast-digesting starchy carbs such as sugars, white breads, sodas and even sports drinks. Those will spike your insulin, signaling your body to switch processes from fat burning to fat storage. Instead, choose complex carbs like sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat. I like to eat my carbs in the morning and early afternoon, leaving me with energy for the rest of the day.”

Stay consistent. “It may take a little longer to see results depending on where you are now, but a little bit each day goes a long way. The last thing you want to do is go hard for a few days and then splurge, ruining the progress made. It may help to set small goals and track your progress in a log each day or by the week, to help achieve the results you want. Stay positive and keep your goals in mind.”


 “Choose a variety of abdominal exercises,” Janet advises. “There are many out there, and one is no greater than the other. It’s important to stimulate all the different abdominal muscles. Your workout should be modified to what your body can handle. Changing up your workout routine will keep your body from adapting to the same exercises, and will give you the ultimate results for great ab definition.”

Janet recommends training abs three to four times a week. Like other muscles, abs need some recovery time, but not as much as muscles that move heavier loads, like legs. Consistent training will garner better results.

Hanging Leg Raises: 4 sets, 15 reps

Hang on a bar and lift legs slightly above horizontal.

Scissor Leg Kicks: 4 sets, 30-45 seconds

Lie down on a bench or a mat. Reach your arms behind you and grab the bench or long by your sides if on a mat. With a slight bend at the knees, lift your legs up about six inches by engaging your abdominal muscles. This is the starting position. Now lift your left leg up to about a 45-degree angle while your right leg is lowered, until the heel is about two to three inches from the bench plane or mat. Then, switch by raising your right leg up and lowering your left leg. Repeat in a brisk but controlled motion, keeping abs tight.

Ab Twists on Stability Ball: 4 sets, 30 reps

With your upper back on the stability ball and your knees bent 90 degrees, rotate your torso back and forth. Keep your shoulders on the ball and your feet flat on the floor.

Planking: 45 seconds, 50 seconds and 60 seconds, to failure

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