10 Quick & Easy Cooking Tips

Nicole’s Guide to Make Eating Healthy Fast & Tasty

“I don’t have time to eat healthy.”
“I don’t know what to eat.”
“I am not a good cook.”

I am sure you have heard one of these excuses or maybe even have said them yourself! If you’ve watched my Fit Life Videos, then you know I sure have. So I have compiled some quick tips that make it easy to eat healthy without hating every bite! Give them a try and if you have questions be sure to leave them for me on Facebook and I might just answer one on the next segment of ASK NICOLE!

1. Only cook 2 or 3 times per week and refrigerate the next day’s food. There is no need to cook every night for the next day – its not efficient.

2. Invest in Tupperware of all shapes and sizes! I set out all Tupperware on the counter and measure away once food is cooked. Place it in the fridge and you are all set for a few days.

3. Pick up a slow cooker or a grill pan. With a slow cooker, place meat inside with 2 cups of water. Close lid, go to work, and 8hrs later it is done. It’s that easy and you can cook a ton at once.

4. Frozen veggies are fast to cook in the microwave and always available!

5. You don’t have to bake your sweet potatoes – they can be cooked in the microwave for 5 minutes for an average medium potato

6. Get your egg whites in liquid form so there is no need to crack a ton of eggs

7. Oatmeal is a fast and easy carb with a ton of ways to favor and prepare [link to gina’s oatmeal article]

8. Almonds, cashews, and other plain nuts are healthy fats with no prep needed.

9. Protein powder can be easily mixed in an empty water bottle. Excellent for quick protein fixes. So is chicken in a baggie…(yes I do it and I put it in my purse).

10. Mrs. Dash spices make everything taste better

As always, stay consistent and be prepared.

Nicole Wilkins

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