Nathalia’s Butt-Shaping Video # 6

Nathalia’s Tight Booty Nutrition Tips

Lift, tighten and sculpt your backside with Nathalia Melo’s 10-part BUTT-SHAPING Video Series. The 2012 Bikini Olympia Champ will help take your booty to new heights!

“A tight booty requires a tight diet— there’s no way around it,” explains Nathalia. In this episode, Nathalia gives us straight talk about the importance of diet and shares her essential TIGHT BOOTY NUTRITION TIPS. She also suggests a few supplements to help you stay on track as well as a quick recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth. Ready to get your butt in shape? Check out this video and start toning your tush today!

Check back EACH WEEK for a new BUTT-SHAPING video tip, and pick up the December issue of FitnessRx for Women magazine (on sale now) for the entire program.

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