Booty Beautiful Workout Part 2

Get Your Diet Right to Get Your Tush Tight!

Want to build a tighter, rounder backside? You’ve come to the right place! Each week, our August cover girl- IFBB Bikini Pro Jaime Baird- will share tips to transform your tush in the “Booty Beautiful Video Series.”

To build a better butt, you need more than just intense training- you also need proper nutrition. This week, Jaime explains one of the most important nutrients you need to grow your glutes-PROTEIN. Jaime discusses approximately how much protein is needed to support muscle growth and intense training, good sources of protein, when to eat it and how to easily fit it into your day. Check out the video to get your diet right and your tush tight! Let’s get Booty Beautiful!

Check back EACH WEEK for a new “Booty Beautiful” video tip and pick up the August issue of FitnessRx for Women magazine (on sale now) for the entire program. You can also scroll down to see the previous videosl

A huge thank you to Gaspari Nutrition for making these videos possible. For great sports supplements to help you become booty beautiful, visit For more training, nutrition and motivation tips from our cover model Jaime Baird, check out her weekly column YOUR BEST, only at

Jaime Baird

Jaime Baird is an IFBB Bikini Pro. Her life’s mission is to help others, especially women, achieve their best in health and life.

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