Learn To Trust The PROCESS

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You may have heard me talk about the Process over the past few weeks. This concept is something that I believe whole heartedly in. If you focus on the process then everything else comes into play.

So, what exactly is the process. The process is referring to the day to day operations to achieve a goal. When ever you look at goals you always have two points. Where you are starting from “A,” and where you are going, or what your goal is “Z.” Where all the obstacles, road blocks, and detours occur are in the space between the A-Z.

Too often when I work with clients there is too much focus on the goal. There is too much attention put to the “Z.” When this occurs you will feel overcome with doubt or disbelief that the attainment of this goal is out of reach. This often leads to not appreciating the day to day operations that will get you to the final destination. Once you start to feel the doubt or you think you can’t reach your goal then that is when you move on. Every goal with in reason is attainable. Some may take longer then planned, some may require a bit more focus or sacrifice, but they can all be met.

Learn To Trust The PROCESS

You hear and see the inspirational quotes all over the place; “Trust the process,” “There’s no glory in the process,” “Focus on the process.” I feel like these can go on forever, and my question is; do you actually trust and follow the process?

In programming I say it all the time; the most important aspect of a program is the trust that the athlete has with the coach. If the trust isn’t there then the program will not work.

Nick Saban, probably one of the greatest football coaches ever believes in the process and all his players buy into it. Is that a coincidence? He doesn’t focus on being undefeated, or winning the national championship. He and his players focus on each day, each play, each foot position, each throw, each cut, each meal, each sleep, etc.. They put all their attention on every little aspect of the day, practice, and recovery to put them in a position to get to “Z.”

Great generals understand this too. No war was ever won with one big heroic battle in the middle of a field. That is usually the last straw that breaks the back. But the wars are won with the little battles each day that keep breaking down your opposition.

The human soul will naturally gravitate towards the negative. Just as we train our bodies, we too must train our brains and souls. We must work on focusing on the good, on training the brain power and the soul power. I say this because as you progress on a journey there will be a ton of obstacles. However, you must learn how to use obstacles as a gift and a way to mold and shape you into an even stronger person.

So, when you set out on a goal, list your destination and work on smaller goals along the way that will get you there. Then, put your focus on what you need to do each day to achieve another step closer to your final goal. Focus your energy on these little battles. Focus your energy on each day doing something consistent or something new that can get you there. Don’t focus on the final goal, because that will seem to daunting.

If you truly develop a process and just focus on that days agenda then you will wake up and be where you want to be.

Trust the process –

Coach Jay

Jason Leydon

Jason is the founder and the head trainer at CrossFit Milford, CT. Jason earned his degree in Physical Education and Health from Eastern CT State University where he also played basketball. After college Jason pursued his basketball career and traveled overseas to Holland to continue his dream. Jason’s passion is fitness and making sure that all those around him have fun getting in the best shape of their lives. This is evident in the community that has formed at CrossFit Milford, CT & with the team he built who placed 2nd at the 2015 CrossFit Games. Jason has worked with clients from all backgrounds and abilities. Jason has trained athletes from the highschool/ college and professional levels. He has worked with soccer moms, grandparents, military special op’s, police, fire rescue, as well as clients who have Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, acl/mcl injuries, back problems, and neurological disorders. Jason believes that everyone has the ability to accomplish anything they want to, and he wants to take them there and beyond.

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