Resistance Bands to Build a Rounder Butt

Lower Body Exercises to Target the Glutes

Resistance bands are a great tool to utilize for the lower body and help intensify workouts. The use of bands engages glute muscles that may be under-stimulated by basic exercises. They are lightweight, cheap and you can take them with you to the gym or when you travel.

There are different types and resistance grades. When using the traditional loop band, the light grades are used for warm-ups and glute activation. Heavy grades are great to wear during heavier lifts and supersets and they are a great to incorporate with other exercises such as squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts.

It is important that you are pushing the resistance with full motion and are feeling the contraction of the muscle. Let’s take a basic squat, for example: when you are performing a squat with a heavier resistance band, the important part of this exercise is to make sure you are going down to a full 90 degrees while simultaneously avoiding the knees from caving in.

Here are three great exercises to use to build that rounder butt:

Glute Kickback

The use of a heavier grade band is important to make sure the glutes are forced to press backward and have a challenge at the top. Make sure you are really squeezing at the top of the kick to get full activation. These exercises can be used as a superset right after a weighted glute exercise.


Weighted Barbell Squat

A medium-grade band will be ideal for this exercise to make sure form is proper and the knees are still lined up to the shins. The force of the band will stimulate the glutes and make the workout challenging.


Wall Hip Raise

A heavy to medium-grade band is great for this exercise. When elevating the legs against the wall and pressing the knees out at the top, the gluteus medius and maximus are engaged.





Siera Capesius

Siera Capesius is a Denver-based certified personal trainer, iSatori sponsored athlete, nutritionist and owner of MODEVO Fitness. With a degree in dietetics and a passion for fitness, Siera transforms people’s lives with her lively enthusiasm, charisma and years of experience. Living a healthy and active lifestyle yearly herself, she changes people’s perspective on eating and training to maintain a healthy body and mind. As a personal trainer, she is committed to providing her clients with the exceptional guidance and motivation they need to achieve their desired transformations. Facebook Instagram Twitter

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