Lose 10lbs & Keep it Off Workout

This is a Real Goal Based on a Real Program!

This effective but simple program has modest goals: lose 10 pounds and a dress size in eight weeks. This is not reality TV; it is reality. This is a realistic goal based on a realistic, valuable exercise program. It will not make you an Olympic champion or get you a spot on “The Biggest Loser” television program. It is an effective plan that works. It will make you feel and look better in only a few short weeks.

Long-term weight control requires lifestyle change. Successful people stay with the program. Nobody is asking you to behave like a weight loss saint. If you fall off the wagon and overeat or skip workouts during a vacation or fun weekend, compensate by eating less and exercising more during the week. Don’t give up! Use tried-and-true techniques for weight maintenance such as weighing regularly, substituting a liquid meal for dinner several times a week, or limiting TV time. Stay active. Many women compensate for a one-hour walk by lying down on the couch for the rest of the day. Instead, do something active. Energy spent doing housework or gardening contributes to weight control.

Build up to this program; begin with walking and light weight training if you haven’t been exercising. Increase the volume and intensity of your program gradually.



Description of Exercises

Squats (back; barbell or Smith machine): With the bar on the fleshy part of your back, stand with your feet placed slightly more than shoulder-width apart, toes pointed out slightly, head neutral, and back straight. Center your weight over your arches or slightly behind. Squat down slowly, keeping your weight centered over your arches or heels and actively flex the hips until your legs break parallel. During the movement, keep your back straight, shoulders back, chest out, and let your thighs part to the side so that you are “squatting between your legs.” Push back up to the starting position explosively, maximizing the use of the posterior hip and thigh muscles, maintaining a straight back and neutral head position. Hinge at the hip and not at the spine during the squat.

Kettlebell Swings (use a dumbbell if you don’t have a kettlebell): Most women should start with an 18-pound kettlebell. Begin by holding the kettlebell in both hands with palms facing toward you, in a standing position with knees bent, feet placed slightly more than shoulder-width apart, hips flexed, back straight, chest out, and head in a neutral position. Holding the kettlebell at knee level, swing the weight to a horizontal position by initiating the motion with the hips, thighs, and abs (tighten the quads, glutes, and ab muscles as hard as you can), keeping your arm straight and relaxed during the movement. Let the weight swing back between your legs in a “football hiking motion” and then repeat the exercise. During the movement, hinge at the hips and not at the spine.

Lat Pulls: Begin in a seated or kneeling position, depending on the type of lat machine. Grasp the bar with a wide grip with arms fully extended. Pull the weight down until it reaches your chest and then return to the starting position.

Bench Presses: Lying on a bench face up with feet flat on the floor, start with arms extended and the weight over your chest, grasping the bar at approximately shoulder-width. Lower the weight to your chest under control, then push the weight to the starting position.

Curls, standing with E-Z bar: Stand grasping an E-Z bar with palms up and arms extended at waist level. Keeping your elbows close to your body, curl the bar to chest level and then return to the starting position.

Triceps Pushdowns: Stand facing the lat machine. Grasp the bar with hands approximately 4-6 inches apart with palms facing your body. Fully extend your arms with your elbows held closely at your sides. From this starting position, with elbows locked to your sides, allow your hands to be pulled up to your chest; then firmly push the weight back to the starting position. If your elbows move during this exercise, you are cheating.

Crunches: Lie on the floor on your back and bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Some experts say to bend only one knee and leave the other leg extended. Place your hands across your chest. Contract your front abdominal muscles, drawing your breastbone downward. Try not to lift your neck or shoulders; let the abdominals do the work.

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