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Speed up your sprints with former collegiate track athlete Ashley Kaltwasser’s top tips for efficient movement and powerful posture.

GET YOUR HEAD RIGHT. Relax the jaw and neck muscles. Focus your eyes down the track.

DON’T SHRUG. Keep your shoulders down. Lifted shoulders can lock your hips and negatively impact your stride.

CONTROL YOUR ARMS. Flailing arms and excessive movement wastes energy. Don’t allow your arms to cross in front of your body, and make sure to keep your wrists straight.

KARATE CHOPS & POTATO CHIPS. Either extend your fingers into a flat karate chop-type position or close them to create a loose fist (pretend like you are holding a potato chip that you can’t crush). Tight fists can waste energy and disrupt the arm swing.

HIGH KNEES. Lift the forward driving knee high and keep it in line with the hip.

STAY ON YOUR TOES. Striking down with your heel will keep the foot on the ground longer, which will slow you down.


Ashley and Justine’s tips for staying motivated during a tough workout.

FOCUS ON YOUR GOAL. “Always have an overall goal in your mind to help you get where you want to be,” says Justine.

STAY HYDRATED. Dehydration will drain your energy and motivation. Ashley reminds us to “make sure you are taking in enough electrolytes, especially if it’s a hot day.” She adds, “My drink of choice is Powerade Zero or Vitamin Water Zero.”

USE MUSIC. Music can help inspire optimal performance and give you the drive and determination to keep pushing. Justine jokingly adds, “If my iPod died in the middle of a tough workout, I might actually leave and finish later.”

THINK ABOUT HOW YOU’LL FEEL AFTER. To get through a tough workout, “Think about how good you will feel after you’re done— no one ever regrets finishing a hard training session,” says Ashley.


IFBB Bikini Pro
2x Bikini Olympia Champion
Gaspari Athlete
Resides in Akron, Ohio
Former Division 1 Collegiate Track Athlete – 400m Hurdles

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IFBB Bikini Pro
Magnum Nutrition Athlete
Marketing Professional & Personal Trainer
Resides in Toronto, Ontario
Played Soccer, Volleyball & Basketball

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