Fit to the Core With Shannah Baker

Part II: Get Strong, Flat, Sexy Abs

IFBB Bikini pro Shannah Baker has some of the best abs in the industry, so we enlisted her help in creating a six-pack-revealing “Fit to the Core” routine that uses a variety of tools to make those abs pop. Get ready to build that strong and sexy core in no time!

When it comes to ab training, Shannah— who trains abs once a week— says it’s important to mix things up. “Change your reps and sets often to keep your body shocked! Try these as starters.”

Fit to the Core With Shannah Baker

Shannah’s 5 Tips to Get a Six-Pack

• Track your nutrition and focus on your diet
• Train according to your desired shape of your abs
• Incorporate high-intensity interval training or some kind of cardio into your weekly routine
• Make sure you’re getting your correct amount of protein and healthy fats in, plus post-workout carbs
• You don’t have to focus on your abs to still work them (abs still get trained in most compound, multi-joint, total-body movements that will enable fat loss and muscle building in the core)

Get It Right

How to Complete the Exercises

Shannah Baker - Bosu Ball Toe Touches

Bosu Ball Toe Touches

Lying on a Bosu ball, alternate reaching hand to opposite leg that’s in the air.

Shannah’s Tip: “You don’t have to rush; focus on your breathing.”

Shannah Baker - Bosu Ball Crunches

Bosu Ball Crunches

Perform the movement by flexing the lumbar spine, raising your torso. Do not flex the hips.

Shannah’s Tip: “Slow and controlled.

Shannah Baker - Side Plank

Side Plank

Get into a side plank position, with your top leg stacked over the bottom, legs straight, elbow bent.

Shannah’s Tip: “Keep your core tight and let your abs do the work, and keep your legs as straight as possible as you reach up.”

TRX Mountain Climbers

TRX Mountain Climbers

With legs in TRX straps, bring one leg forward under your chest while the other leg is extended. Alternate bringing each leg toward your chest. You can do this slow or fast, but make sure to keep the abs in tight.

Shannah’s Tip: “Assume a press-up position so your hands are directly under your chest at shoulder-width, with straight arms. You body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. These BURN!”

Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raises

Hang on a bar and lift legs slightly above horizontal.

Shannah’s Tip: “Try to keep your body from swinging. Raise your legs until the torso makes a 90-degree angle with the legs. Exhale as you perform this movement and hold the contraction for a second or so. Go back slowly to the starting position as you breathe in.”

Shannah Baker - Russian Twist on Bench

Russian Twist on Bench

Keeping the core engaged, bring weight to one side and then the other, going back and forth.

Shannah’s Tip: “Your torso and thighs should create a V-shape.”

Shannah Baker - Kettlebell Side Bend

Kettlebell Side Bend

Holding a kettlebell, bend sideways to one side, squeezing your waist on that side before returning to the starting position.

Shannah’s Tip: “Feet should be shoulder-width apart, palms in, back straight.”

Shannah Baker - Stability Ball Plank Pike-up

Stability Ball Plank Pike-up

Assume a “push-up” position with your lower legs supported by the ball, body straight, arms extended and hands on the ground in front of the ball. Keeping your legs straight, drive your butt toward the ceiling until you achieve a pike position. Return to the starting position.

Shannah’s Tip: “I find these hardest of all. Keep your abs tight and your hips even, with slight pause at top.”

Shannah’s Supplement Stack

White Lightning® for energy and fat burn: before cardio
Mesomorph® – pre-workout
Chain’d Reaction™ BCAA – intra-workout and post-workout muscle recovery.
L-Glutamine – recovery
Carnisport® – morning/nighttime fat burner non-stimulant

All supplements are from APS Nutrition

Keep Up With Shannah

IFBB Bikini Pro Shannah Baker is a sponsored APS Athlete and Team Hi-Tech athlete.

Photos of Shannah Baker by Dallas Olsen
Exercise Photography by Gary Phillips
Hair and Makeup: Sharry F. Youssef
Gym: MyoFunction Studio, Melbourne


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