Body Blast Home Workout

Full-Body Workout Without the Gym

Between work, family and whatever else life throws at you, time is in short supply. Getting to the gym every day can be a challenge. However, you don’t need a gym to keep up with your fitness. All you need is the desire to stay on track, some open space, a few dumbbells and 30 minutes. That’s possible for even the busiest of busy bees. So, the next time your life commitments attempt to bump your workout, try this workout from India Paulino, the 2013 Arnold Classic Bikini International Champion and Australian Pro Champion. It’s a high-intensity, fat-burning, Body Blast Home Workout, so heck, even if you’re not busy, give it a whirl just for fun!

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Body Blast Tips

India shares a few of her tips to help you master the exercises and get to work!



“I love push-ups— maybe because I had to do so many in the police academy. When performing push-ups, remember to keep your body straight and that booty down.”


“The plank is a great exercise for strengthening the core. Remember to keep your body straight, tighten up the abs and look at the floor.”

Wide-squat high jumps

“To perform wide-squat high jumps, begin in a wide-squat position with all of your weight in your heels. Then, jump as high as you can into the air. Land in that beginning squat position.”

Switch lunges

“The quicker you do the switch lunge, the more you’ll feel your quads burn. Remember to not let your knees pass your ankles and to keep your torso upright.”

Stair calf raises

“Place the balls of your feet onto a stair (or any other ledge) and let your heels hang off of the edge. Your feet should be about hip-distance apart. Lift your heels up high, count to three and bring the heels down.”

Body Blast Home Workout - With 2013 Bikini International Champion India Paulino

India’s “Fit It In” Tips

1. Eliminate time wasters (e.g. surfing the web, watching television): “When you pay attention to where your time is going, you will find more time in your day than you thought possible.”

2. Train before your workday begins: “You will feel so good and energized.”

3. Pack your lunch: “You can use your lunch break to get in a quick workout.”

4. Train at home: “Speaking of at-home workouts, try mine!”

5. Have a plan for the day: “When you know what you have to do, it’s much easier to get things done.”

Body Blast Home Workout - With 2013 Bikini International Champion India Paulino

Photos by: Per Bernal

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