Plateau-Busting Partner Workout

Outdoor Medicine Ball Circuit

With the weather starting to get warmer, I love taking my workouts outside as much as I can. Living in Arizona, it’s easy to do that nine to 10 months out of the year! From bodyweight workouts, to cardio, HIIT, active rest and even yoga or stretching, getting outside for these activities can change things up just enough to keep you from hitting a plateau.

An added bonus to getting outside is working out with a partner. Your workout partner can be your spouse, friend or maybe a friendly stranger (kidding)— just grab them and follow along for this awesome sweat-worthy outdoor workout together!

The only piece of equipment you need for the below workout is a medicine ball, but these five circuits can be done without one if you don’t have access to any equipment. Move quickly from exercise to exercise with a full one- to two-minute rest after all five are completed. Get ready to have some fun!

The Workout

While one person completes the recommended reps for an exercise, the other person will do the listed “Partner” exercise until you have completed your reps, and then you will switch. Be ready for some added encouragement from the partner who is performing an exercise while you complete your reps!

Exercise 1

YOU: 10 plyo push-ups with mountain climbers

Partner: bicycle abs

Exercise 2

YOU: 40 skaters hops (20 each direction)

Partner: Russian twists (option: use medicine ball to make these weighted Russian twists

Exercise 3

YOU: 30 Bulgarian hops (15 per leg) (

Partner: lying leg/hip raises

Exercise 4

YOU: 20 jump squats (option: jump squats with overhead medicine ball slams)

Partner: ladder climb

Exercise 5

YOU: 10 burpees (full burpees with jump and push-up)

Partner: Plank spider

*Rest for one to two minutes and then repeat three to four times total

Jessie Hilgenberg

Jessie is an IFBB Figure Pro, Team NLA for Her & Athlete, registered yoga instructor, health & fitness coach, bootcamp director and fitness model. Her goal is to inspire others and illustrate that a healthy lifestyle of training with intensity, staying consistent and eating clean can truly change your life!

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