What Is Drop Setting?

Why You Should Do It!

Do you ever feel like you are hitting the gym hard and being consistent with your diet but you’re just not seeing all these “gains” everyone else is? You don’t’ understand it, you’ve been training for months and months even years! But every time you go on instagram you feel like everyone is growing but you? Well maybe it’s time to add in some drop sets!

What Is Drop Setting?

Lets start with what is a drop set? As an example let’s say you are training shoulders and doing side lateral dumbbell raises. You would start with a weight that you could complete 12-15 reps once you feel as though you’ve reached failure (meaning you can’t lift that weight for even one more rep), you would use a weight that is lighter than the previous weight. That way you can complete another 4-6 reps, which you would not have been able to complete with the previous weight. That is a drop-set and YES, it may burn a little more than your regular set that means you’re doing it right!

Now you’re asking, but why would you want to do that? Well you are going to the gym and you are doing your 15 reps of side lateral raises, but your shoulders aren’t growing right? Your muscles may have gotten used to you always doing your 4 sets of 15 reps and you need to mix it up to active ALL of your muscle fibers. By doing a drop set you are forcing muscle fibers deep down to be activated to complete that set. By activating more muscle fibers, guess what you’re going to see SHOULDER GAINS!!!

So if there’s a body part you want to add a little shape to, maybe your shoulders or biceps, add in a drop set to that exercise after each set to shock the muscles and get things growing! Enjoy and let the gains begin.

Callie Bundy

Callie Bundy is an IFBB Bikini Pro & StrongGirl Ambassador. She has a passion for sports and training, she played 3 sports in high school & NCAA Division 1 softball in college. She has previously worked as both a TV and Radio Host for a variety of programs.

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