5 Reasons To Recover With The Sauna

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I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to live in Japan a few years ago for an on-air job. Yes, it was absolutely awesome and I loved every minute of it. While there, I realized how popular saunas are in Japan— and I quickly learned why and I fell in love with them!

In Japan, saunas are everywhere and everyone goes to them, so naturally I went and was hooked. It wasn’t so much how I felt while I was in there (which was hot and uncomfortable— this was because I wasn’t acclimated to them yet!) But AFTER being in one, everything felt better— I slept better, recovered faster and my skin always looked better. So I started doing a little research on them, and here is what I found:

5 Reasons To Recover With The Sauna

They flush toxins

Even if you sweat on daily basis, the deep sweating induced by a sauna helps your body flush even more toxins. You come into contact with thousands of toxins from the air, your water, food and anything you put on your skin daily. Your liver and kidneys can get a little overwhelmed, so the sauna can help make this process much easier and more efficient.

Release of “happy” endorphins

The high heat releases endorphins that help to relieve stress, aches, pains and tension in muscles and tendons.

5 Reasons To Recover With The Sauna

Increased blood flow and circulation

The heat increases your body’s blood flow and circulation, which helps with recovery and your body’s healing process, which is why they are great to use after you work out.

They cleanse the skin

The deep sweating helps to rid your skin of bacteria and dead skin cells, so new ones can grow, making your skin appear younger, plumper and more refreshed!

5 Reasons To Recover With The Sauna

They can help fight illness

They help to keep your immune system strong by producing more white blood cells, which helps fight off viruses. Also they will help relieve any symptoms of congestion or discomfort if you have a cold.

Want to try the sauna? Here’s what you want to do:
• Try staying in the sauna for 15-30 minutes; longer if you’re able.
• In the sauna, sip on water to keep things flushing and to stay hydrated.
• Tap and lightly scrape your exposed skin to get your pores to open up and start sweating.
• Once you’re done, if you’re able try to, rinse off in a cold shower. This will help close your pores back up and return the blood to your organs, so they can go back to “work”!

If you have any more questions, please ask me!

Happy sweating:)

Callie Bundy

Callie Bundy is an IFBB Bikini Pro & StrongGirl Ambassador. She has a passion for sports and training, she played 3 sports in high school & NCAA Division 1 softball in college. She has previously worked as both a TV and Radio Host for a variety of programs.

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