Leg And Glute Blast

Lower Body Sculpting Workout

Try this awesome glute/leg workout!

Leg And Glute Blast

3 sets of 15 banded Smith Machine squats
3 sets of 30-second (each leg) single-leg split squats

3 sets of 30 elevated glute bridges with 10 pulses at top (finisher)

3 sets of 30 seconds frog jumps
3 sets of 10 leg presses

3 sets of 1:10 (timed) machine calf raise (two-second pause at top) (See Video)
3 sets of 30-second bodyweight calf raises

3 sets of 15 cable squat row (See Video)

These exercises were performed in circuits or supersets, two to three exercises at a time.

Ashley Kaltwasser

Ashley Kaltwasser is the three-time Bikini Olympia Champion and two-time Bikini International Champion. She is a Team Gaspari, Better Bodies and MuscleEgg athlete, sponsored by Liquid Sun Rayz & a former collegiate track athlete. Ashley believes that serious fitness doesn’t have to be boring. In her “Keep it Fresh” column, she share ways to keep your training and nutrition fun and flavorful.

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