At-Home Booty Workout

With Resistance Bands and Dumbbells

Don’t have time for the gym? I’m here to tell you that you can absolutely build a shapely butt from the comfort of your home! With some resistance bands and dumbbells, you’ll have all the equipment you need to round out that booty, so try my mini glute circuit below!

At-Home Booty Workout

At-Home Booty Workout

20 glute kickbacks (put heel in resistance band handle, and squeeze at top)

20 wide sumo squats holding two dumbbells (point toes out 45 degrees, hold squeeze at top for three seconds)

15 elevated split squats, each leg (put back foot on bed, hold two dumbbells, come down, then up)

20 side glute raises (get on all fours, put heel in resistance band, and lift to the side, squeezing the outer glute)

20 superman glute raises (place dumbbell in between feet, face down on bed, squeeze glutes as you raise dumbbell up)

15 wide jump squats (hold dumbbell, jump, and land on your heels)

15 narrow jump squats (hold dumbbell, jump, and land on your heels)

Repeat circuit for four to five rounds with minimal rest

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Ashley Kaltwasser

Ashley Kaltwasser is the three-time Bikini Olympia Champion and two-time Bikini International Champion. She is a Team Gaspari, Better Bodies and MuscleEgg athlete, sponsored by Liquid Sun Rayz & a former collegiate track athlete. Ashley believes that serious fitness doesn’t have to be boring. In her “Keep it Fresh” column, she share ways to keep your training and nutrition fun and flavorful.

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