8 Tips for a Better Ab Workout

Essential Ways to Optimize Results

Everyone wants a tighter midsection, but let’s be honest, abs can often be a tricky body part to train. You shouldn’t neglect ab training, though, because abs are the foundation to a strong body. A strong core can lead to a more stable physique and can aid in injury prevention.

In addition, we can get used to the same training routine if we are not careful. Are you making the most of your workouts? Try these tips for optimizing your abdominal routine!

8 Tips for a Better Ab Workout - Essential Ways to Optimize Results

1. Use a weight while performing your ab exercises. Whether it be a dumbbell, plate or kettlebell, holding a weight during your training will increase the difficulty of the exercise. I love to use ankle weights for my lower abdominal exercises, such as leg lifts on the roman chair. Depending on the exercise, you may be able to incorporate a resistance band into your routine also.

2. Use a Bosu ball or a stability ball to mix up your training. These pieces of workout equipment require balance and stability. This will increase your intensity and work different muscle fibers.

8 Tips for a Better Ab Workout - Essential Ways to Optimize Results

3. Concentrate on the movements that you are performing. Mind and body connection is important! Be sure that you are focusing on deliberate movements. Slow, steady and controlled is often more effective than fast and sloppy, especially when it comes to abdominal training!

4. Use variation. The same old set of crunches may not be as difficult as they once were. You need to constantly shock your body! Try different techniques, such as pulsing, pausing, half reps and static exercises.

8 Tips for a Better Ab Workout - Essential Ways to Optimize Results

5. Pre-exhaust your abs. A great way to do this would be to hold a static plank for two minutes prior to your ab exercises.

6. Concentrate on keeping a tight core while training other body parts. For example, if you are doing push-ups, remember to keep a tight core and do not let your stomach “bulge” out. Keeping a tight core will strengthen the abdominal wall.

8 Tips for a Better Ab Workout - Essential Ways to Optimize Results

7. You can also try wearing a weight belt when lifting using other body parts, such as squatting. This will force you to squeeze in your stomach and keep a tight and flat core.

8. Let’s not forget the most important factor in unavailing those beautiful abs— your diet! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” And it’s true!

Give this effective ab workout a try!

Hold plank, 1 minute
30 frog crunches
20 (each side) Roman twists
1-minute flutter kicks
15 leg lifts, Roman chair
10 ball crunch with medicine ball throw

Ashley Kaltwasser

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