5 Ways To Cut Calories In Cocktails

Plus 6 Smarter Drink Choices

Let’s be honest, most of us in the fitness industry do our very best to avoid alcohol, or pretend like we don’t drink. Truthfully, when social situations arise, the majority of us will enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine, and leave the social scene early before we lose all inhibitions. We’re only human after all! It’s OK to reward yourself and let loose every once in while.

Here I’ve listed some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years to enjoy adult beverages in a healthier manner.

5 Ways To Cut Calories In Cocktails

1. Allow yourself one (maybe two) drinks maximum. This is probably the most difficult part because as we all know, the more alcohol you drink, the less inhibitions and willpower you have. I highly recommend telling the friends you’re about to meet that you plan on only have one or two so they won’t be tempted to order you another. Know when to say “NO.” Schedule/plan on an early pickup time and head home early. Staying out all night can mess up your sleeping patterns and as we all know, sleeping is very, very important.

2. Sip your alcohol slowly, and take out the straw if you can. Make your drink last as long as possible— the fewer drinks you have, the fewer calories your body has to process! Maybe you can try asking your bartender if you can order your drink in a large glass with lots of ice. As the ice slowly melts, your drink will disappear more slowly.

3. Avoid any specialty cocktails or sugary mixers like tonic, coke or juices. Mixers can easily double or triple the amount of calories per drink. Stick to soda, water or a splash of lime juice. Every once in a while, using Diet Coke as a mixer can be a good option, too. If you need sweetness, I highly recommend keeping stevia in your pocket or purse and adding a couple packets to sweeten your beverage. Just squeeze in a few lemons and limes and you’re all set! For example, one of my favorites is vodka and water in a tall glass. I will ask for extra lemons and then add my own sweetener. Another one of my favorite cocktails is vodka and water and adding my own MIO. For those of you who are unaware, MIO is a calorie-free water enhancer. They come in lots of fun flavors! They are small and fit in your purse.

4. Have a glass of water with your alcohol, and switch back and forth sipping each.
This will not only keep you from being dehydrated, but will also make your drink last while appeasing your oral fixation.

5. Avoid eating while drinking.
Drunk munchies is scientifically proven. The more you drink, the larger your appetite will be. Maybe it would be a good idea to eat a healthy snack before going out.

Also keep in mind that your system has to process all the alcohol before food, so any excess of calories might get stored on your belly and thighs if you overdo it.

5 Ways To Cut Calories In Cocktails

Smarter Drink Choices

• 1-2 glasses: 4 oz of wine (dry— avoid sweet wines)
• 1-2 pints light beer
• 1-2 2-oz pours of whiskey, vodka, tequila or gin on the rocks or mixed with water, soda or lime juice
• 2 oz vodka and water— add stevia and squeezed lemon or lime
• 2 oz vodka and water— add MIO to your liking
• 2 oz rum plus Diet Coke

And remember, always be responsible when consuming adult beverages.

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