10 Ways to Banish the Bloating

Secrets to a Flatter Tummy

Recently, I was asked how I get rid of a bloated tummy to make my stomach flat for photo shoots. Well, I’d love to share my secrets with you! Follow my top 10 ways to FLATTEN your tummy, improve digestion and minimize bloating the day of a special event.

10 Ways to Banish the Bloating

1. Cut artificial sweeteners like gum, amino drinks and water flavorings.

2. Get a colonic to flush out any food that has not passed through your digestive tract completely.

3. Take probiotics and digestive enzymes to increase good gut bacteria, and help break down protein, carbs and fats!

4. Do three to four sets of high-rep abdominal exercises like crunches, reverse crunches, leg raises, etc. This will help tighten the skin near the tummy.

5. Give your body a break from veggies and even whey protein. Veggies and certain protein powders also can tend to make you gassy.

6. Steer clear of carbonated beverages if you can! All the bubbles that don’t come up in a burp will end up elsewhere! ;)

7. If you’re lactose sensitive, cut dairy for a bit, as cheese, milk and yogurts can cause bloating.

8. Cut out any fiber like vegetables, prunes, protein bars, fiber bars, etc. Stick to fast-digesting carbs for a short bit like fruit, white potato, rice, rice cakes and cream of rice.

9. Drink about a gallon of water the day before a special event to help move and flush out everything in your digestive tract.

10. Minimize alcohol, especially beer and wine, as both of those tend to cause a pooch in your mid-section!

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Ashley Kaltwasser

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