Gina Aliotti’s Summer Squat Challenge

Squat Variation of the Week: Front Squats

My Summer Squat Challenge, rocking 100 squats every day of summer, is underway and on fire. Throughout the course of the summer, I will be sharing with you several of my favorite squat variations that you can use over the course of my challenge, for those that have joined, or in your everyday workouts throughout the year.

Since working out only at home and without the use of gym equipment, I have found squats to be an absolute must for keeping the legs toned and tight while the booty round and lifted. With good form and mind-muscle connection, the results are amazing when you incorporate squats into your daily routine.

I am excited to squat all summer long with all of you and share some of my favorite variations. Have fun and let’s get our squat on!


A front squat involves placing weight (bar or dumbbells) across the anterior deltoids or the front of your shoulders. If you don’t have a bar, you can do this with dumbbells held to your upper chest with your palms facing your body. This squat is performed the same as your traditional squat but with the weight held in front of you, at your chest. Be mindful to keep your chest lifted and shoulders back, since the front weight can tend to pull you forward. Remember that it is better to use less weight with proper form, than it is to sacrifice form to lift heavier weight.

The challenge is underway, but to join the fun and squat the remaining days of summer join HERE:

Gina Aliotti

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