Exercising With Your Dog

Health Benefits for Pets and Humans

  1. I love dogs! I have a beautiful teacup Beiwer, his name is Toby and he’s my baby! We love to share many activities together. I do exercise and sometimes Toby comes with me and runs, jumps, walks or even bikejoring ( biking with your dog attached with a leash) and he keeps me motivated to do my cardio too!!!! I have a routine and I just feel that I have a compromise with him so for me it’s impossible to skip this activity.Benefits of Exercising With Your PetDid you know that several studies show that people who walk regularly with their dogs are in a better physical shape?!!!! Yes ;) Dog owners who regularly do activity with their pets exercise in average 30 min more per week than people that do not have dogs.Rebecca Johnson, Ph.D., form University of Missouri says “A dog can do more for you than a treadmill,” Rebecca is a coauthor of Walk a Hound, Loose a Pound: How You and Your Dog Can Lose Weight, Stay Fit, and Have Fun Together. “When you interact with a dog, endorphins rise and stress levels fall. This emotional connection gives an extra boost to your workouts.”(1) I just can say that she said the true!!!!Benefits of Exercising With Your Pet

    20 mins five days a week can help to lose weight a study from University of Missouri found that people who do this lost an average of 14 pounds per year…sounds fantastic!!! If you include sprints, play with tennis ball, use a Frisbee or just incorporated some activity you will burn more calories! Easy, fun and lovely ;).

    Benefits of Exercising With Your Pet

    Now I want to talk about dog benefits:

    – Exercise for a dog is a healthy option for your pet!!! Helps to have a better heart, joint, digestion and overall health.
    – Mental benefits for dogs
    – Exercise in dogs is necessary to gain and maintain muscle tone.
    – Helps to improve digestion
    – Helps to keep dogs in a healthy weight

    ………..and many other benefits

    Benefits of Exercising With Your Pet

    If you need a partner to push you to do cardio or exercise your dog can help you to motivated and push you everyday if you start a fun and sporty routine. I invite you to try and you will love this amazing experience.

    Benefits of Exercising With Your Pet

    Some amazing apps that help you to do your exercise with your dog:


    – FitBark

    1. http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/dogs-exercise

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