The Italian Premium Glutes Experience

This innovative machine adds to Panatta’s wide range of equipment to train the back of the thigh muscles, allowing a workout on the target glutes that faithfully reproduces the traditional hip thrust exercise performed in supine position. The Panatta HIP THRUST is designed with the most modern criteria of biomechanics and ergonomics, ensuring a correct back posture and allowing users to perform the hip thrust movement with the best functionality and efficiency being more comfortable when using big loads, compared to the exercise with a barbell.

Muscles activation: The work focuses on the back of the thigh muscles with specific activation of the glutes. Thanks to knees flexion, the hamstrings commitment is reduced, while enhancing the isolation of the gluteus maximus. The HIP THRUST exercise can be bilateral, by involving both thighs, as well as monolateral, for a higher stimulus of the gluteus maximus while stabilizing the hip muscles. In any case, performing the exercise requires control of core stability to ensure the right back posture.

The Panatta HIP THRUST is made of 4 main elements:

• Central seat for the user to sit on in the first stage of the exercise;

• Wide footrest adjustable in height (optional);

• A comfortable thrust roller to easily step on and off the machine;

• Tilting backrest that follows the user movement at the beginning of the exercise.

The HIP THRUST generates a rising load curve during simultaneous extension of the hips and trunk, opening and closing the hip joint, and ensures an efficient and physiological work on the glutes muscles involved.

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