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G-Fit On Demand Is Here! Wednesdays on instagram Live (12pm PT, 3pm ET)


Just because you’re self-quarantined and the gym (and just about everything else) is closed doesn’t mean your workouts have to come a screeching halt. During these unprecedented times, social distancing has become a reality. Now is the perfect time to discover the many benefits of training at home and reap the rewards of keeping fit without the gym – and Gina Aliotti and FitnessRx for Women have your back. We have partnered with Gina to bring workouts and a healthy lifestyle right into your home.

Live Instagram Videos. Starting this Wednesday, April 8, join Gina Aliotti while she does her LIVE Instagram videos for FitnessRx for Women at

Gina’s show is on Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. Pacific/3:00 pm Eastern.

Download the G-Fit App for Effective Home Workouts

G-Fit On Demand Is Here! Everything you need to build your body – all in one place and on your schedule! In an effort to help everyone stay fit and healthy, the G-Fit app is being offered FREE for 60 days. To get the 60 Days FREE you must go through Gina’s website: <> or <>  – both will direct you to the same place to download the app.

Anytime, Anywhere – G-Fit on the go! Stream 24/7 or download to your device for immediate access. WiFi is not necessary. Includes meal plans and simple recipes.

Let’s stay healthy and fit together!

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